What is the benefit to be member on Artdeo

When you become member ( it's FREE ) you will have an access to many features you can't useas a single visitor. You will be able to follow your favorite photographers and galleries, store ina lightbox a selection of prints for your next visit, receive notifications once a new photo or exhibition matches your registered selections.. and finally purchase prints or rent full exhibitions direct from the photographer.


Is Artdeo a photo gallery ?

Artdeo is NOT a gallery. We offer the possibility for galleries to promote their exhibitions, their photographers for FREE.We are just an aggregator of all photo exhibitions in the world.

Do I purchase the prints from Artdeo or from the photographer ?

Artdeo is the platform to display photo exhibitions with a maximum of information about the photographer, his work,the exhibition, the prints. Prints are processed by the photographer's favorite pro lab, and the quality is controlled by the artist. Prints are numbered, signed, captioned, dated and certified by the photographer. The photographer send you the print via national or international express shipping with tracking number.

Can I get in touch with the photographer for additional info ?

At every moment of the process, you can reach the photographer or a contact he/she gave in his/her profile and ask for complimentary information.

I would like to be invited to exhibition previews ( even before openings ), how is it possible.

When a photographer uploads an exhibition, he can promote his new exhibition by inviting his contacts to discover his work even before physical opening. Maybe, you don't belong to his personal or professional contacts. We will very soon offer the possibility to purchase a VIP Card to be invited automatically to all "avant premiere" and be the first to purchase the very first print ( often cheaper than the last one )

What currency can I use to buy prints on Artdeo ?

We only display prices in Euros and US Dollars. This applies to payments too.

Why to buy it online and not direct from the photographer ?

When you buy a print via Artdeo, you will be able to resell via Artdeo. Whether you are a collector, an investor or just a photo lover, you will be able to re-sell a print. If you buy the same print via an other canal, unfortunately you won't be able to re-sell it through us.

Are all prints on sale limited editions ?

Our goal is to put online as well as coming and past photo exhibitions. When a photographer exhibit in a gallery, he decides the quantity of prints per size. On Artdeo.com, we didn't want to change the rules. It really depend on each artist habits.

I found the photograph I want to acquire. Is there hidden fees added to the print's price ?

All prices displayed on Artdeo are Tax Included. The only extra fee you will have when purchasing a print is a shipping fee, depending on your location. This will be displayed after selecting the delivery address and before proceeding to payment

Do I receive an invoice for my purchase ?

The invoice is sent by the photographer with the print you ordered.

Do you deliver certificate of authenticity ?

As well as the purchase is made direct to the photographer, the artist. He will provide you the certificate with the print and the invoice.

Can I pay with my Paypal Account ?


Which credit cards are accepted ?

VISA, American Express, … All major credit cards accepted by Paypal™

Once I've paid for a print, am I debited instantly ?

Once you found the print(s) to purchase, you have the choice to use your Paypal™ login or your favorite Credit Card.Once your payment is validated by your bank, your are debited, but we retain the full amount until validate the reception of the print you ordered.

I purchased a print, but I want it delivered to some else

You can add as many shipping address to your account as you want

How is delivered the print I have purchased ? How do I know the time of delivery ?

According to the Terms and Conditions agreed by the photographer, all shipping must be operated by national or international express shipping with tracking number. When purchasing a print, you will receive all related delivery information by email.

A photo limited edition is sold out, but I really want to purchase the print. Is there a way to buy it from a former buyer ?

Yes. When you find a limited edition print SOLD OUT, you have the possibility to click the button "Back Order". As well as you are a registered member, you request will be sent to the former buyers. Maybe one ( or more ) of them will be happy to re-sell.

Can I resell a print bought on Artdeo ?

Yes. The print MUST BE bought on our platform to be available to re-sell. If you bought the same print in a gallery, unfortunately,it's not possible to re-sell through Artdeo system, even if you have a member account. Each print sold on Artdeo has a print ID known only by our system.When you resell a print, set up your price + shipment , add all information about the print modifications such as wood or aluminum framing, "alu" Dibon mounting, Diasec "plexi" finish, shadow box, etc.. )

Can I rent an exhibition ?

You can rent an exhibition as soon as the photographer has given his exhibitions available for rent. Photographers subscribed to this option and you get in direct touch with him/her for all details such as price, availability, weigh, framing, shipping, insurances etc…Artdeo gives you access in his search engine to only search "Exhibitions available for rent". Once you find exhibition(s) matching your search, you can get in direct touch with the artist for full details about the renting process.

Do you offer extra services such as advices for framing, hanging etc…?

Not yet, but we work hard to aggregate all professionals involved in post-production such has framing, hanging but also advices to purchase and invest.

I've bough a too big print. Can I change it ?

Every print is processed on demand. Please, be sure when you order to check the dimensions. They are available in inches as well as metric. If you made an mistake, you always have the possibility to re-sell through your private account.

Once received , I'm not satisfied with the print I have purchased, what's the next step ?

When a photographer post an exhibition, he/she has to give all details about the size of the print, quantity in the limited edition, type of print and paper etc..When you order a print from a photographer, he/she receives all information about your choice and do the print on demand. It could happen that what you received doesn't matchyour order. First check to be sure that what you received correspond to your order. ( This appears in your Account / My purchases section ). If the error comes from the photographer, you have in your purchase section the possibility to refuse the reception. Fill the form with all motivations and comments. It will go to the photographer.Until you didn't validated the perfect reception of the print, the photographer won't receive the amount of the purchase.


Do I have to be a professional photographer to post an exhibition ?

Yes. All exhibitions posted on Artdeo must be: current, coming-up exhibitions, but alsopast exhibitions. What we require when an exhibition is posted is to be accompaniedby a synopsis, the photographer's biography, the exhibition history and all details about the photographs such as title, caption, date of shoot, keywords.

I'm a young photographer and never exhibited my photos. Can I do it on Artdeo ?

Unfortunately not. Every photos on Artdeo belongs to an exhibition. If you already haveexhibited in the past or if you have a current or coming exhibition and put your exhibitions available for sale on Artdeo, you will be able to create a "virtual" exhibition where photos are available for rent or/and sale. These "virtual" exhibitions go through a jury validation process, and must fulfill a high standard of quality. A good way to find a curator or other places to exhibit in the future.

I already have a gallery representing my work. They handle my print sales and I don't want to bypass them. How can I work with you ?

Artdeo is not now or in the future want to be exclusive with any photographer, exhibition or photograph. Many of Artdeo members (photographers) havea gallery (often more than one) in the world representing them. What we offer to you is an international visibility to reach worldwide buyers. Everybody knows that an exhibition is a fleeting art moment. Once the exhibition is over, your chance to reach new visitors is close to zero.This is why we give you the opportunity to have a permanent exhibition accessible 24/7 to photo lovers as well as collectors, investors,corporations, museums, foundations, media organisations etc...

What's going on if I'm represented by different galleries in different countries ?

Because we don't want to interfere between you and your galleries, you can add in your Account / Profile your email address as the solecontact and forward the Buyer's order to the gallery you work with.

Is there a subscription fee to list my exhibitions ?

Posting a coming-up, current, past or a virtual exhibition is FREE. if you take the e-commerce option and you sale a print, thenArtdeo retains 25% of the global sale. If later, a buyer re-sell one of the prints he bought from you, you still get 4% of the sale eachtime it's re-sold, and this with no limitation ( except if you delete the print from Artdeo's platform ).

Is it possible to submit past exhibitions ?

You will be able to post not only coming and current but also past exhibitions. We all know that an exhibition is a short-lived art. Once unhooked from the wall, if the exhibition doesn't travel around the world, people have no chance to see it.We want to offer your exhibitions a second life.

Can I post Virtual Exhibitions ( not exhibited yet ) ?

If you have already posted a coming or past exhibition, then you are eligible to post a Virtual Exhibition with its synopsis and prints available for sale. Virtual Exhibitions can be rented if you subscribed to this option.

Are my personal info and photographs secured on Artdeo ?

We made all technological effort to secure all datas on Artdeo as well as your personal info and your photos. We don't store hi-resolution files because we don't sale digital files. We process every photos just for previews and thumbnails, and trash the hi-resolution files everyday.All personal info is stored on dedicated servers in a secured data center. Your information is held in strict confidence. All subscriber's account information is. We do not sell or share your information with anyone

Do you watermark the photos ?

We don't because collectors don't like that and want to see the photos as they will purchase them. Nevertheless we let photographers to do it if they wish. But big watermarks won't be accepted.

Can I offer limited edition prints with different sizes ?

Artdeo is the online version of the "brick and mortar" exhibition business gathering gallery, fair, festival…exhibitions. You have exactly the same possibilities that you have in a traditional exhibition.Different sizes, limited editions, prices. Prints are processed on demand.

I have already sold an edition of a print, how does the system know about it ?

You have a user-friendly back office access to manage your private space. Just let the system know that you made a sale outside Artdeo. Buyers will be able to acquire the next print of the limited edition. It's that easy !

When I publish a new exhibition in my account, how much time it takes to be available for potential buyers…?

When you post an exhibition, The Artdeo team receives a notification to check your exhibition, the quality of your photos andall the info related to them such as biography, exhibition synopsis, captions..etc. If all your info matchs the quality criteria we demand froman exhibition, we will let you know immediately. Then you will be able to publish your exhibition and give access to potential buyers if you have selected the e-commerce FREE option.

Many of my clients are abroad. Can I invite them to discover my coming exhibition ? Are they able to buy a print online ?

When you publish an exhibition on Artdeo, you have the possibility to promote your exhibition to your contacts. If you have decided to sale your prints online, your personal and professional contacts will be able to undertake purchases 24/7even before the official opening of your coming exhibition. Very soon, we will give access to Artdeo members to purchase a VIP card, so they may be invited to all "avant premiere"

I want to use the e-commerce feature, what currency can I use for my prints ?

When you upload an exhibition, and decide to sale your prints online via Artdeo e-commerce facility, you decide the currency you want to use between EUROS or US DOLLARS. When a visitor comes to Artdeo, he can choose the currency he wants whether € or $. We do the conversion based on the official currency exchange daily rate.

One of my photos has been bought. how long does it take for me to be paid ?

When a buyer purchase a print, he pays online, then you get the detail of the purchase to produce. We retain the full amount ( print's price + shipment ) until you delivered the print(s). Once the reception validated we transfer you the money by bank wire or on your Paypal account.

Is it possible to link my exhibitions available on Artdeo to my personal website ?

When you post your first exhibition on Artdeo, you will find in your Account the link for your work ( all exhibitions ).You can use this link for FREE for your website, blog or any social media usage. This link is the equivalent of a search for your name on Artdeo.If you use the e-commerce Free option to sale your exhibitions' prints on Artdeo, by using the link you add an e-commerce to your own website.Soon, we will add an option for 90€ / 120 USD a year if you want this link as a white label ( No Artdeo logo or info, nor access to other photographers' exhibitions. Only you ! )

I have participated in a collective exhibition. Can I invite the other participants to join the exhibition ?

A Collective Exhibition is an up and coming feature on Artdeo. You will be able to post the exhibition, and invite the other participants to add their photos and information, as well prices etc...If your co-exhibitors are not members yet, they will have to register to be able to participate in the collective exhibition.

Can I rent my exhibitions with Artdeo ?

Renting your exhibitions on Artdeo is an option. The annual fee for unlimited quantity of exhibitions will be 100 € or 130 USD ( 180 euros / 240 USD for 2 years ) .In addition your exhibitions will be online with thumbnails, previews, bio, …etc, you will only have to add extra renting information such as : produced or not produced exhibition, linear length, quantity of prints, the different sizes, B&W or color, type of printing, framed or not, coming with leaflet, film, book or video, schedule availability…Corporates, institutions, museums, GNO, foundations…etc will be able to search exhibitions for rent via keywords, and deal directly with youfor the renting price, insurance, transportation etc..

What's an ArtTrust Certification ?

We work with ArtTrust company because this is the most efficient authenticity process of the moment. Many galleries and museums have already adopted their patches. Photographers can decide to use or not ArtTrust Certification. ( more information ) when they use the e-commerce option for their photos on Artdeo.

Are we rated on Artdeo ?

Sellers, as well as re-sellers (former buyer) are rated on the following criteria : Print matching description, packing quality, delivery delay, relation between the seller and the buyer, etc.

What happens when a buyer resell one of my prints ?

If a buyer purchased one of your photos on Artdeo, he has the possibility to re-sell it on Artdeo. In this case, we split our commission on the sale, and give you 4% of the re-sold print's price. It's called : Resell Right. This is what all auction houses do because they know who's the seller, who's the buyer and who's the artist. Same on Artdeo. If the buyer has bought your photo outside of Artdeo, then he won't be able to re-sell through Artdeo's platform, and you won't get your percentage of the re-sale